With a 521 miles, 839km ride and a neat land distance record for vintage sidecars under their belts, Triquetra's ride team inspired by the sense of community, bonding as strangers joined the convoy, and sheer good vibes shared by all on the road during the Triquetra 500 Mile Ride, plan next to reach Saigon from Singapore by vintage sidecar - a distance of over 1,600 miles, crossing 5 countries and passing major world heritage sites along the way.

Milli Miglia Meets Vintage Sidecars

"It's early in the planning stages and we're reviewing route intel from fellow riders on the ground in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to give ourselves an idea of now long this might take, bearing in mind the instability of sidecars. There's the crazy idea bouncing around of simply carrying on, those who want to, after Vietnam and on to Hong Kong - provided we can figure out the permits to get through China." says Simon Wong, the Expedition Leader. What the team hopes for is to ignite what will become an annual ride event, that brings together people of all backgrounds and from the neighbouring countries they pass through "We are all one planet, one people, riding for shared reasons - to bring happiness to others and aid where it's needed - and having experienced how quickly a mixed motley bunch bonds on the 500 Mile Ride, we thought it would be the most amazing thing to bring this experience across a few nations, and end up with a huge united convoy of goodwill. There may also be a fund raising race element to it, we can’t reveal too much yet but it’s on the cards"

Several sponsors from the 500 Mile Ride will re-assume their roles, but the team seeks further support to make this much longer adventure possible. Accommodation along the route, support vehicle sponsors, marketing support, fuel and return transport for the fleet upon reaching Saigon are some of the items on the list. Nice to haves include a 2nd mobile production crew, and a back up drone pilot.

Return of the Dream Team

Juvena ‘The Wandering Wasp’ Huang, Yusri Sallim and SAF Medical Officer James Quah will rejoin the team, as will staff from Singapore’s National Cancer Centre, who will join the fleet at key points of the route to lend a helping hand.

Tying up with regional NGO’s and causes, it is envisaged that aid and items of educational value will be delivered to draw attention to certain areas. The cancer cause is one particularly resonant with the team, as several lost family and friends to it. 500 Miles Videographer Mingsong Ang and Expedition Planner Marie Tang have lost close family members, and Juvena Huang lost 3 friends during her 2 year ride overseas. Simon Wong lost his wife to cancer.

All funds raised from collaborations with NCCS go directly to the NCC Research Fund managed by NCCS, which provides care for almost 70 per cent of cancer patients in the public sector while furthering cancer research. Philanthropic support and public understanding is needed more than ever to help guide medical breakthroughs for the benefit of the community.

Keep Calm and Riding On

Asked if Juvena would keep on going upon reaching Saigon, say to Hong Kong, she replied “Yes why not...from Hong Kong I could continue the ride back to Europe and pick up my scooter”.

It’s the sheer gung ho-ness that the ride community carries in them, laying bonds that instantly transcend borders, and the spirit to just keep going on ride after ride, that gives hope - one of our greatest protectors and the best thing one can give to patients and their families.

Drop the team a note here to sponsor Singapore to Saigon 2019.

June 2018